Jus Daze Digital Press Kit

Jus Daze Digital Press Kit
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"Judging by Jus Daze’s insanely stocky appearance, he’s not a guy you’d want to fuck with down a dark alley, alone. Ironically, though, his laid-back (but just-as-bullish) brand of Hip-Hop is not only very inviting, but enjoyable, as exemplified on his latest EP, Bow II The Bow." - Andre Carrington

"Jus is definitely back on his bully again" - DeadPoetry.Biz

"This dude Jus Daze has the work ethic unlike most people in this biz" - Jeremiah (Senior Media Editor at KevinNottingham.com)
The Direct Download Link for "Bow II The Bow" [EP] can be found here: http://bit.ly/R2YTKF and is also available on www.jusdaze.com 
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A Brief Word Regarding Jus Daze's Latest Bow II The Bow [EP]

Friends and fans alike affectionately refer to Jus Daze as "The Bowlegged Bandit" due to his immediately visible extreme bowlegs. However, despite his intriguing physical appearance, he's more characterized by his hard-work ethic and extreme talent. (Cosigners such as well-known producer J57, of Brown Bag AllStars, to battle rap boss, Poison Pen, will say the same.)
Since his national television debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where he won the freestyle segment "Ready Set Flow", Jus Daze has been keeping active in the rap battle scene (winning both internationally and regionally), performing live in the Tri-State area, while diligently releasing top quality music and being spotted all over.  He's become a staple in New York City underground hip hop and a pillar of the underground hip hop culture overall.
He released his debut album, "Common Law" (11.12.11) followed by "The King Of Queens" mixtape shortly after his television debut in early 2012.  Jus Daze now presents the EP, "Bow II The Bow" Produced by DJ Brown13 of Jersey's own "Turntableizm Show" and Executive Produced by the artist himself.
All of Jus Daze's projects are available for download on www.jusdaze.com

Jus Daze's Bio

Check out Jus Daze's Official WebsiteJus Daze 
"The Bowlegged Bandit"
Born in Brooklyn and calling Queens home, Jus Daze has emerged onto the scene like so many, with scars visible and not, but unlike most he has transcended his struggles into a force of expressive nature that both instills hope and earns him respect. Most notably, Daze, bowlegged to the point of using a cane as a kid, has parlayed this trait as a signature of sorts: “The Bowlegged Bandit.”
If you mistake his humor for softness, you obviously haven’t seen him in the ring on the world’s largest rap battle league, a.k.a. Grind Time Now’s circuit.  His down to earth nature is set aside, and in beast-mode, this prolific battler unleashes the hell of a life of struggle through poignant rhymes and heated delivery unparalleled. His intimidating size and presence is a constant reminder of his drive and passion for not only survival, but for living.
To call Daze a “performer” would be a compliment to the word. He is a fusion of everything intense and raw combined with a rugged charm and fierce coolness. In one line, he can warn you not to fuck with him and in the next he’ll show you why you can’t. Evidence of his grind is everywhere. In-between making music and headlining battles, he’s been featured on the Ultimate Rap League, Grind Time Now, King of The Dot, various projects, commercials, New York radio stations, has been a repeated freestyle champion on Anthony Anderson’s Mixtape Comedy Show Battles, crowned winner of “Ready Set Flow” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and won Internationally re-known End of The Weak MC Challenges/Companionship's, New York City’s most well-respected hip hop open mic platform. He's also performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 12. 

He works on every aspect of the business from producing and promoting to performing and collaborating. Jus Daze can’t be summed up or described in one word as an artist or a man and to try to do so would take away from the craft that he has perfected. He is a rare breed in Hip Hop today, one that puts his true self in every line, every beat, and every adlib of every song. It’s fair to say, Jus Daze is an amazing personification of Hip Hop and artists like him make the present and future exciting for the whole community.

Jus Daze Media

Watch Jus Daze on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jus Daze Appearance On 

(Ready, Set, Flow, Segment)

YouTube:   http://bit.ly/R2ZQ5J
Hulu:         http://bit.ly/R2ZQ5K

Watch All of Jus Daze's Battles
Complete Jus Daze Battle Playlist (via Youtube)

Best Of Jus Daze                        http://youtu.be/vWH8NwQoezc
Jus Daze vs HFK (Toronto):          http://youtu.be/oD3zRcmowYA
Jus Daze vs C4 (NYC):                 http://youtu.be/PKoh98ZHXeM
Jus Daze vs D'Meitz (Bronx, NY)   http://youtu.be/Q68GbhVaHOI
Jus Daze vs Cypher (California)      http://youtu.be/66GyeBeICTM
Jus Daze vs Gkidd  (New Jersey)    http://youtu.be/rdLCeBgzO_M
Jus Daze vs Gkidd Pt2                    http://youtu.be/onMtrwAZo7k
Jus Daze vs Dirt (Queens, NY)        http://youtu.be/QYEywQBufoE
Jus Daze vs Sour D (NYC)              http://youtu.be/8WYVzjV_BV8
Jus Daze vs JimmytheLoch(Upstate) http://youtu.be/UT198Ss70cA
Jus Daze Vs Paranormal(Brooklyn)   http://youtu.be/8laimfLXaQc
Jus Daze vs. Ezac The MC (NYC)    http://youtu.be/eOweGggGK3E
Jus Daze vs. Ju Davil(NYC)             http://youtu.be/Ldp-OD82Avk
Jus Daze vs. Lexx Luthor(NYC)       http://youtu.be/saAmYc-MlF
Jus Daze/Screem vs Kollision/Mr Sell (2vs2)      http://youtu.be/JdhdeYFgKU4
Jus Daze, P.Stacks, Renagade vs Leathle (3vs3) http://youtu.be/wr7PQ0QDSm8

Jus Daze Music 
(In order from Most Recent)

Bow II The Bow [EP]

Download "Bow II The Bow" on JUSDAZE.com

MediaFire:    http://bit.ly/R2YTKF
AudioMack:  http://bit.ly/R30kci
YouTube:     http://bit.ly/SIXs6o

"Victim of a Vic": http://bit.ly/R30hgD

Kevin Nottingham:        http://bit.ly/PkBtDu
Dead Poetry dot Biz:     http://bit.ly/R30hwU
RapMusic.com:            http://bit.ly/R48vF0
Andre Carrington:         http://bit.ly/R30hwX

The King of Queens [Mixtape]
Download "The King of Queens" on JUSDAZE.com

MediaFire:    http://bit.ly/R31aFV
AudioMack:  http://bit.ly/R31aWg
YouTube:     http://bit.ly/R31aWj

"Badaba" Official Video: http://bit.ly/R318hl

RapMusic.com: http://bit.ly/R31bcJ

Common Law [Album]
Download "Common Law" on JUSDAZE.com

MediaFire:    http://bit.ly/R31tAl
AudioMack:  http://bit.ly/R31tAo
YouTube:     http://bit.ly/R31swz

"Music Box":          http://bit.ly/ZEWkT4 [NEW]
"No Chorus":          http://bit.ly/R31sMQ
"I Can't Quit Her”:   http://bit.ly/R31tAD

Kevin Nottingham:  http://bit.ly/Wv3GrG
Rapmusic.com:      http://bit.ly/R31tQV

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